Trickling Filter


Superbiomedia™  filter media provides significantly more area for bacteria growth and removes harmful contaminants like nitrogen and phosphorus.

SuperBiomedia™ for Trickling Filters 

The removal of pollutants from the waste water stream involves both absorption and adsorption of organic compounds and some inorganic species such as nitrite and nitrate ions by the layer of microbial biofilm. The filter media is typically chosen to provide a very high surface area to volume. SuperBiomedia™ has considerable internal surface area in addition to the external surface of the medium. Passage of the wastewater over the media provides dissolved oxygen which the biofilm layer requires for the biochemical oxidation of the organic compounds and releases carbon dioxide gas, water and other oxidized end products.


As the biofilm layer thickens, it eventually sloughs off into the liquid flow and subsequently forms part of the secondary sludge. Trickling filter is an attached growth process i.e. process in which microorganisms responsible for treatment are attached to an inert packing material. Packing material used in attached growth processes include rock, gravel, slag, sand, redwood, and a wide range of plastic and other synthetic materials. 

The greater the surface area of plastic media, the greater the ability of the Trickling Filter to accomplish nitrification at higher volumetric loadings relative to rock media. SuperBiomedia filter media provides significantly more area for bacteria growth and therefore provide more bacteria “workmen.” The media also provides better gas transfer due to the greater draft and higher void fraction, and less plugging. One of the greatest benefits of SuperBiomedia filter media is that they are light and can be constructed to greater depths. This increases the hydraulic load capacity and improves mass transfer. Rock filters, on the other hand, often have poor ventilation, particularly when water and air temperatures are similar or identical. 

Another advantage of SuperBiomedia is the use of high surface area foam inside the plastic football-shape cage, which also provides higher water residence time, due to increased tortuosity of the foam material. The trickling filter water has to flow through a tortuous path inside the foam material, which increases not only contact with the high surface area biofilms but also increases water residence time within the filter material. 

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