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Phosphorus Adsorbing Pellets

Poseidon Pellets™ were developed through a CRADA agreement with the Federal EPA. These high capacity treatment pellets adsorb phosphorus at an impressive rate. Water simply flows through the pellets, leaving the phosphorus behind. Once the pellets reach nutrient capacity, they can be used as fertilizer, returning the phosphorus back to the land.


Poseidon Pellets require no capital or structural investment and can be accomplished at a low cost.

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The most recently published EPA assessment of U.S. lakes estimates that around 40% of the country’s lakes and reservoirs are at risk to Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs).  As the limiting nutrient in most waterways, increased phosphate (PO43-) concentrations can promote accelerated eutrophication, which has a range of environmental and economic impacts. 



Reduce Phosphorus to 1 mg/l or below. Poseidon Pellets are chemical free and can be reused as fertilizer.  



Poseidon Pellets combined with an exterior sediment screen make it the perfect solution for nonpoint runoff . 



Poseidon Pellets can be customized for almost any stormwater containment system.  



Poseidon pellets are designed to reduce nutrient pollution in most waterways. We don't sink or push the problem downstream. We remove the nutrients.    


Recommended Applications


     Stormwater Management

     Waterways Restoration

with sediment control

Recommended Applications

     Agricultural Runoff

     Stormwater Management

     Waterways Restoration