Absorption Aerator

Microbubble generation mechanism. 

Oxygen Transfer Basics
Oxygen Transfer Basics

The Standard Oxygen Transfer Rating (SOTR) is a unit of measurement that quantifies the “oxygen” transfer efficiency of a specific type of aeration device using either a “Buoyancy” or “Kinetic” oxygen transfer model. The Standard is maintained by the ASCE and all testing is done in “Clear Water.”

The Absorption Aerator

 The Absorption Aerator has a high oxygen transfer efficiency due to the following factors:

  • High Gas / Liquid ratio:  2.2 : 1.0

  • Intensity of mixing is internal in the device’s mixing & oxidizing zone.

  • Constant supply of an oxygen-deficient film to overcome the resistance of a partially oxygenated liquid (Two film theory).

  • Kinetic force of the discharge is used for mixing and equalization (2 fps).  The best use of this feature is in a circular tank.

  • Stripping substances with weak Henry’s constants, e.g. CO2 and VOCs.

  • Oxidizing sulfur-containing molecules, e.g. hydrogen sulfide and -mercaptans for effective odor and corrosion control.

  • Degassing of gases imbedded in organic materials enhances settling of solids in clarifiers.

  • Large amounts of induced DO cause fats, oils, and grease to hydrolyze and float for skimming.

  • By stripping CO2 pH is raised allowing for nitrification (pH >6.8) to begin.

Applications of the Absorption Aerator
  • Mixing and Equalization

  • Supernatant aeration from digesters

  • Landfill leachate aeration prior to headworks.

  • Oil & Grease Recovery.

  • Effluent aeration to streams or wetlands.

  • Stripping PCE, TCE, etc. from industrial wastestreams and groundwater.

  • Lagoon aeration with two zones.

Various Kinetic Transfer Model Mechanical Aeration Devices’ SOTE

The following are various AOTR’s for mechanical aeration devices: lbs. O2/hp/hr

  • Absorption Aerator  2.73 -3.06

  • Surface aerator w/draft tube   1.2  -  2.1

  • Surface high speed   1.2  -  2.0

  • Submerged turbine   1.0  -  2.0

  • Submerged turbine/sparger    1.2  -  1.8

  • Surface brush and blade   0.8  -  1.8

  • Fine Bubble Diffusers    0.5  -  1.5

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